The Comment

From February’s Writing Prompts, February 1, 2016

The woes of Social Media…

Should I comment on that? Will it be taken the wrong way? Will someone be pleased or offended?

Believe me, I’ve received plenty of those comments that I just tend to ignore, so as not to create any unnecessary arguments. I’ve also been told once I should keep my comment to myself, when I expressed an opinion. It even went so far as an “unfriend”, but then later they came to their senses and I’m back in their good graces.

Think long and hard before making that comment. Sometimes it’s just not worth it. Too many people can be pugnacious. Better to stay in silence than get into a subject neither party will benefit from.

So watch what you say, especially in writing. People don’t always get your drift in the peanut gallery, even if your intentions are good.


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