Dear Diary

From February’s Writing Prompts, February 4, 2016

Dear Diary… Those were words I never liked to use growing up. Lots of youngsters my age kept a diary, but I never did. I suppose the thought of someone reading said diary was horrific to me, and because of that, all my thoughts stayed bottled up all those years.

Today, years older, I think of it differently. I enjoy this thing called “writing”, and I’m learning that keeping a journal could be very helpful to progress in writing. Most of what I write are personal essays, which is like journal-writing, but a little more lengthy and not so much of a daily thing. I’ve been reading a book called “Creative Journal Writing” by Stephanie Dowrick, and it’s a great book to get myself motivated to do it and think of writing in a “diary” differently.

We’ll see if I can write those daily personal thoughts down, and where it will take me…

Dear Diary…


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