A letter to a friend…

So I’m taking a break today from the daily writing prompts for February.  Today is a special day that will always be remembered.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful friend in Heaven…

Jen 1985Dear Jen,

Happy Birthday! It’s the day you came into the world 45 years ago. It’s been a really long time since I’ve written. I hope you’ve been having the time of your life up there in Heaven. I know you’ve been looking down on all of us with those smiling eyes of yours. We all miss you dearly and think of you every day.

I know your mother and sister miss you so much. Your mother has told us that she is reminiscing today and going through 45 years worth of memories.

Jacob and Sarah have grown so much! It was so great of your mother to share a picture of your wonderful children from last year. They are becoming a beautiful and handsome pair. You would be so proud of them!

I am also reminiscing and thinking of our friendship. On days like today, I always think of our many sleepovers as teenagers. Good times.

At my house, my mom always made her famous lasagna because she knew you liked it so much. After dinner, as we laid around just talking quietly all night long, we’d share a whole bag of Oreos and milk.

The sleepovers at your house consisted of MTV (all of the good stuff when it first started, not the reality TV that it is now), hanging out in the backyard on that hammock (I eventually hurt my back when that thing finally came crashing down when it broke, but we got a couple of photos of us on it that I treasure), and family dinners, with your dog, Jamie, underneath the table begging for food. She always had the occasional seizure (poor thing), and always had that way of putting 5 tennis balls in her mouth. Fun times.

But the best part…just sharing and talking. Those were the moments that meant the most. We were in a foreign country in our teenage years. It’s difficult enough being a teenager, but being in a foreign country and trying to find your way as a teenager in a different culture was tough. It was great to have that cherished friend to talk to, who made everything ok.

Those are the things I miss terribly. Even as an adult now, everyone needs that friend. We didn’t talk as much when we had to go our separate ways as our parents took us back to the United States, and we ended up on separate coasts. We wrote letters to each other, as we didn’t have the email back then, but it just wasn’t the same. We finished high school and built our lives separate from each other. I regret not talking to you as much back then, but we never forgot what good friends we were and always held on to those memories.

When I learned you had passed away, I was devastated. I miss my friend more than you will ever know. Friends like you are very hard to find, and I have never had such a good friend since.

Missing you every day. Wish you were here.

Love and hugs from your friend,


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