From February’s Writing Prompts, February 10, 2016

Sometimes you wonder how they are just right for each other, being from two entirely different cultures. Filipino and Irish, Korean and Indian, Persian and Mexican…I’ve had so many couples during my career as an event planner who are so different, but mesh so well. It’s so great to see these diverse families all getting along as they merge together.

One would think that there would be a lot of frustration and anguish as there are bound to be disagreements between each culture as to how the couple should live their lives together and maintain all of the traditions of each family’s origin. There must be an intense struggle between the couple and their families as they attempt to decide what’s best for them. One would think…

As I’m sure they all deal with this situation at some level, I have been so lucky to witness that all of the couples I have dealt with have all come through with everyone on the same side. These are the couples that stand together no matter what. There are no winners or losers in their decisions, and no right or wrong.

A mesh of cultures…success!


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