Out of breath

From February’s Writing Prompts, February 13, 2016

The most terrifying feeling in the world. I’m not talking about the kind that you feel when you just got finished doing something physically strenuous or working out…

It was late in the evening. A nice, relaxing time without any worries. Then, out of the blue, it came out of nowhere… I couldn’t breathe. There was no breath. Just gasping. There was so much air around me, outside of my mouth and nose, but it refused to go inside. I tried desperately to pull it in with no success.

Just as fast as it came (well, give or take 20 seconds, which felt like an eternity!), it was gone. I felt my windpipe open. The air never tasted and felt so good!

Then came the flood of emotions… Tears flowed along with relief, and still the terror was there. What if it happened again?

I will probably never know why that situation happened. But I intend to taste that air and enjoy every single breath while I am still here.


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