What a jerk

From February’s Writing Prompts, February 16, 2016

We go through life and our days trying to be good people, thoughtful and considerate of others. I believe this of most people I encounter, but things in this world sure have changed, and a lot of us are beginning to question our trust in humanity.

I see more now the “me-first” behavior, with most people portraying a sense of entitlement to everything.

The one question that came to mind as I was thinking of a “jerk” was, does it really pay to be a jerk?

In business, most would say it does. Why do those jerks get ahead? Are they on to something here? Those jerks at work tend to be perceived as those with the power because they portray overconfidence. Those of us who try to be the nice guys end up last, as the saying goes.

I find myself looking around me at the general public too. More often than not anymore, the jerks are prevalent everywhere I go. At the grocery store, in the parking lots, on the road. I don’t see these kind of jerks as powerful; I see them as quite the opposite. They are weak people, and just plain rude.

What happened to greeting people with a smile and talking nicely? What happened to opening up your eyes and looking around you and having courtesy and respect for the other people around you? Common decency has seemed to disappear these days.

I feel like walking around with a sign that says – PLEASE DON’T BE A JERK – THANK YOU.

It saddens me, but once in a while, I do see that one good person out there, and it changes my view for just a while. That one man who didn’t think twice about buying coffee and a meal for the homeless man who just came in to the coffee shop to see if he could get some water; the person who helped the older woman get something from the grocery store shelf that she couldn’t reach; or that one generous person on the road that gives you the signal that it’s ok to change lanes in front of him/her.

Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all just quit being a jerk? Be nice. It probably takes less effort anyway, and you might even feel good about yourself.


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