This is the first of many posts from April’s Writing Prompts, April 1, 2016.  I may not be posting these daily like I did with February’s, but you’ll see them all eventually!


I’m looking at this calendar of mine. It has every work appointment, doctor appointment, reminders of bills that need to be paid, birthdays and anniversaries. The things that you’re required to remember; and you do, because your calendar gave you a reminder of it.

I realized that the things that aren’t listed on my calendar are the most significant things that have happened in my life. Those instances that you don’t need a reminder of. You just know you will never forget that day for as long as you live.

Your wedding date, the death of a dear friend, the last time you saw your family, the day you or a family member were diagnosed with a serious illness, the loss of a loved one, the day you graduated from high school, your first child, the day you overcame something that had brought you down… Those are the things that will never be in your calendar, nor will those memories fall by the wayside, like that bill you can’t remember if you just paid, even though your calendar reminded you of it.

Life is too short, and the days keep on flying by faster than I can blink. I am reminded of this every day. Take care of those priorities on your calendar, but cherish the moments you will never forget.


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