Of mice and men

From April’s Writing Prompts, April 6, 2016

Of mice and men

Traveling across America, or the world, in search of who you are. Wanderers who eventually find their way home, or their best version of it. I know a few people who have done this. I’m not sure anyone has figured out entirely who they are, but it has allowed them to realize the direction they need to go in life to find their version of a happy home.

Although Of Mice And Men’s story has the protagonists traveling to California, running away from an incident and finding work to build a new home elsewhere, they were finding themselves along the way.

Most often in our real lives, the need to find out who we are or what direction we need to take happens where you currently are. That journey takes place in your mind, as you are in search of whatever you think is best for yourself to create your new life story that sends you back home.

It’s always wonderful to have that companion along for the ride, but you might find during the journey that, as much as you love them and want them to be a part of your life, they aren’t helping you in your quest. Of course, killing that character in your life story is not the way to go about things. As difficult as it will be, you may learn that you need to let them go in order to get your new chapter started.


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