A New Direction

writing prompts picDuring a recent coffee date with a fellow writer and friend, I became more inspired to write. I always seem to come away from our meet-ups feeling that way. I am excited to be writing, and no matter what we talk about over our coffee, those flames of writing desire and inspiration are ignited. This time, I came home contemplating which direction I wanted to go, as I was feeling that I needed to make a small change in order to move forward with my writing.

It’s time to go in another direction; not in an impactful way, though. I’ve decided I am in need of releasing myself from the deadline. I’ve been working on these monthly writing prompt lists, and it seems that I’m now too far behind to begin to save face. I knew that as soon as wedding season started this year, my writing may have to take a backseat to the brides and event planning details that tend to take much more of my time. I am, after all, getting paid to plan events; I’m not currently getting paid to write. I hope that I will get paid to write someday; that is a dream that I will continue to strive for as I find myself in this magical world of writing. Until then, here’s the plan…

I still love the writing prompt suggestions. I love to take that random topic and make it into something that is my own. I am not going to change the fact that I use them, as they challenge me, and take me in directions I never thought I would go. I’m going to continue to search for and choose my own random prompts, and not worry about disappointing you and myself by struggling to get my piece posted by a particular date. I will also throw in one of my personal essays from time to time, just to keep things interesting.

You may see more sporadic posting, but I will be able to take the time to make the words count. That means more to me than fulfilling that deadline.

Hold on to your seats, folks! There’s more to come.


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